Gareth Axford - Animation & Illustration

Clever Cats Get Felix

This little rascal has kept me busy since 1997, when I was employed by JPMH as their in house Flash animator/Digital Designer and tasked with animating Felix for the relaunch of his web site. Since the initial web site launch I have subsequently animated all of Felix's online media, screensavers, Christmas e-cards, desktop pet applications and internal training and brand day videos, along with a further web site re-design in 2011-12.

More recently, I have provided a series of illustrations to be used as posts on Felix's very popular Facebook fan page, which is currently sitting at 185,000+ likes, and also animated several Homepage takeovers to tie in with various promotions such as 'Britain's Cleverest Cat' (a tie in with ITV's 'Britain's Got talent').

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